Adoption Law

You are considering adoption! This can be both a wonderful and overwhelming period of your life.Attorney Lauren McClain has over a decade of experience in assisting clients through every phase of the adoption process. McClain Law works with families whether they are working with an agency or directly involved in a private/independent adoption.
McClain Law works on all types of adoptions. Attorney McClain Law handles domestic and international adoptions, private adoptions, interstate adoptions, family member adoptions, foster care adoptions and contested adoptions. Whether you are a potential adoptive parent, foster parent, step-parent, grandparent, custodial parent or caregiver – McClain Law can help.
Types of Adoptions:

  • Private Attorney-Facilitated Adoptions
  • Adoption Agency Finalizations
  • Family Member and Step-Parent Adoptions
  • International Adoptions
  • Foster Care Adoptions
  • Litigation of Contested Adoptions

Third Party Reproduction Law

Attorney Lauren McClain is passionate about creating families. Some families choose third party reproduction to grow their families. McClain Law works with surrogates and intended parents as they navigate the legal complexities of the artificial reproduction process. Because this process can often feel overwhelming, Attorney McClain’s goal is to make every client feel comfortable and educated throughout the process.

Having personally dealt with infertility and loss, Attorney McClain has a passion for families seeking to grow their families in unconventional ways. As a mother of four and a former fertility patient, Lauren understands the emotions surrounding parenthood, infertility and surrogacy. Lauren provides a personal touch coupled with a deep understanding of the medical processes and ever-changing laws of third party reproduction.

If you are a surrogate or intended parent, McClain Law will provide you the information you need and the compassion you deserve.